Kurt's home page

Well, this is really just a bunch of links to various things I put on the net.

HP zd7000 linux setup is just that, I'm setting up linux on my fathers HP zd7000 laptop and keeping track f the staeps to help anyone else trying to do the same thing.

Linux server - My page on setting up the software on a cheap server that serves a couple of important functions on my local network. It is an FTP and Samba server, and works as a network filter for my daughter using DansGuardian.

Japanese jokes - Nope, not jokes from japan, just stupid English jokes I translated into Japanese. My friends agree that they are kinda funny (or at least as funny as they are in English) but they aren't the kind of joke someone in Japan would ever tell, unless maybe they were an old man. Maybe I can get a career as a comic there in another 30 years. :-)

My first B-Fest and my second B-Fest - just short descriptions of the time spent at the bad movie festival in Chicago. Really fun if you are into bad movies. Just as a warning, chances are even the worst mainstream movie you saw wasn't as bad as the good ones they show here. Don't think Gigli is the most awful movie ever until you watch Jungle Hell or The Beast of Yucca Flats.

I work at Line Imagaing producing WinRad a teleradiology software for Windows.